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the funky

Welcome to my world of colors, in which I seek that each person who wears one of my accessories feels and looks like the best version of themselves - un handmade piece at a time.

I am Fernanda, creative mind &  soul behind La Funky Mexicana.

restless creative since I was born - lover of dogs, shoes, colors and the sea.

La Funky was born from my need to share a little piece of Mexico and another piece of my heart with each of one of the people who buys my handmade products hechos con mucho love, by Mexican women.

In December 2020, after having spent 8 years away from my country (with a pandemic in between), my heart was expanded and I decided to return to Mexico - the place where I was born - to connect with my roots, be close to my family and took a creative break from cooking, a profession that I actively practiced  for 20 years and that led me to find my true passion: design combined with my Mexican roots.

Returning home made me remember how, when I was 13 years old, I designed my first collection of belts, from embroidered elastics I found at my parents basement,  but that was only the beginning of my creative journey, because from my mother I learned to value textile art and along with it, to appreciate all the magic that exists in the hands of Mexican women.

This process of re-invention has been so beautiful that today my greatest dream is to continue carrying the pieces of La Funky Mexicana all over the world and that whoever wears them does so with the same pride and love that it feels to be MEXICAN.

much love,

la funky mexicana.
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