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The Crave for Nostalgia  


Maybe you grew up in a pueblo surrounded by vibrant colored homes. You were raised with a language that brings comfort and safety. It’s a big part of who you are today.


A lo mejor your memories come from a busy and noisy city. English comes naturally when you speak, but what you feel in your corazón is your cultura de Latinidad.  


Either way, your mind goes back to a simpler time. A time when life felt slow and there was no need to compare to something or someone else.


La Funky Mexicana takes you back to those origins.

Behind each one of our pieces is a hardworking team of mujeres Mexicanas - powerful and sensitive - who are in charge of putting mucho amor into each one of our products.


The vibrant colores in our clothing and accessories are purposeful – a tribute to Latinx cultura in the most creative way. 


When you wear a piece of La Funky Mexicana, you’re wearing memorias on your shoulders.

The original Funky Mexicana, founder of La Funky Mexicana brand
¿Qué tal?
Soy Fernanda!

Welcome to my colorful world where I'm all about making sure everyone who wears La Funky Mexicana feels their best – one handmade piece at a time.

I’m a forever restless, creative spirit – dog lover, sneaker collectionist, color enthusiast, and sea admirer.

La Funky came to life because I had this urge to sprinkle a bit of México and a piece of mi corazón into every handmade product.

In December 2020, after being away from my homeland for 8 years – and in the middle of the pandemic – I followed my heart back to México where I belong. 

It was time to reconnect with my roots, spend time con la familia, and take a creative detour from my 20-year viaje in the culinary world to pursue my true passion – design mixed with my Mexican heritage.

Heading home triggered a wave of memorias –  like when I was just 13 and whipped up my first belt collection from embroidered elastics found in my parents' basement. That was just the start of my creative journey. 

This journey of reinvención has been a beautiful ride. And now, my biggest dream is to spread the positive vibes of La Funky Mexicana all around the world. 

Because I want anyone who puts on a piece of La Funky Mexicana to feel the same pride and love that runs through my Mexican veins.

Mucho love,

La Funky Mexicana

Copia de Funky_05-391_edited_edited.jpg

Hecho en México,

pero we ship worldwide.

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