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Check out las respuestas — the answers you're after might just be hanging out there. 

  • What are La Funky Mexicana pieces made of?
    La Funky Mexicana materials are locally sourced - from Mexico, Guatemala, and India - and all leather pieces are vegan.
  • Are La Funky Mexicana straps adjustable?
    No – pero being the creative you are, you can change it up to how you like it!
  • How can I clean my funky bag?
    Grab a water based wet wipe y estas listo! For a deeper cleaning, Dry Clean Only.
  • Are La Funky Mexicana pieces water resistant?
    No. Treat everything as delicate accessories por favor.
  • How do I clean my funky clothing?
    Because everything is handmade, recomendamos dry cleaning.
  • What happens if there's a manufacturing defect?
    No te preocupes, we’re happy to exchange it for you.
  • Does La Funky Mexicana make custom made pieces?
    No, our hardworking mujeres take time to make each piece, so we cannot accommodate custom orders.
  • Does La Funky Mexicana offer discounts?
    No, there are no discounts. We believe in fair trade, so we pay our artisans and partners a full and fair price for their expertise and craftsmanship.
  • Does La Funky Mexicana offer a payment plan?
    No, unfortunately, there isn’t a payment plan.
  • Does La Funky Mexicana offer gift cards?
    Yes, make sure you get one for your amigxs on their next birthday!
  • Are La Funky Mexicana items made ethically?
    Yes. We honor fair payment to artisans and work as a team.
  • Where are La Funky Mexicana’s items made?
    We proudly make our unique pieces in México.
  • Who are La Funky Mexicana’s items for?
    Our pieces are for everyone! The funky clothes and accessories are unisex!
  • Will my funky accessory or clothing look exactly like in the pictures?
    All styles are unique. You won’t get the exact same one as pictured, but we always work with the same telar colors, so you’ll find some similarities.
  • If I like a funky bag strap model from another collection, can you do it again?
    We never make identical pieces, so it’s advisable to buy it when you see it. Each collection is unique.
  • If I like a funky bag strap from the previous collections, can you customize it for me?
    Each strap is unique, therefore we do not personalize or make a specific style.
  • Can I personalize my funky bag strap with my initials?
    Yes! Send an email to when you make your purchase and we will give you options.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Shipping takes up to 20 days to allow our artisans to make the funky piece and then ship it from Mexico.
  • Does La Funky Mexicana ship internationally?
    Yes, we ship all over el mundo!
  • Can I cancel my purchase?
    No, but we’re happy to refund you if you change your mind about your funky item.
  • Does La Funky Mexicana have a return policy?
    We will fully refund if the product is not what you expected – pero as long as it has never been worn and you keep the original tags.
  • What happens next after I buy from La Funky Mexicana?
    We start hand-making the product. It can take up to 15 working days to complete your one-of-a-kind design. Once we finish and pack your order, we’ll send a confirmation email with the tracking number.
  • Can I sell funky products in my store?
    Sure, just check the wholesale file so you have all the information.
  • Can I sell your funky products anywhere in the world?
    Of course you can become a seller. Please check the wholesale file so you can have all the info.
  • Can I have a custom collection for my store or hotel?
    Of course! We’d love to create a collection as unique as you.
  • If I am a designer and I want to make a collection with La Funky Mexicana, can it be done?
    Yes. We love working with more creative minds because we believe that when one grows, we all grow.

Ethical Manufacturing

Our pieces are made by artisans in safe and fair conditions.



Dozens of artisan hands work in harmony to create all the pieces of La Funky Mexicana.



Created from the most eclectic side of our founder, representing her love for Mexico and its essence.

La Funky Mexicana neutral shades logo with an open eye over text "La Funky Mexicana"
La Funky Promesa

Our equipo fabuloso of Mexican women put lots of love into every piece we make. No repeats here – each handmade treasure is one-of-a-kind – como tú.

Our unique, funky style comes from imagination inspired by nature and the colorful surroundings of Mexico City. Joining the two worlds of fashion – la naturalidad of everyday clothing elevated with vibrancy.

We’re all about good vibezzz.

That means every time we get to work, palo santo fills the airlas buenas vibras.

We outsource our materials ethically from México, Guatemala, and India – supporting local artisans on every step of our journey. 'Cause we believe in making sure que todxs prosperen


We keep it funky, diosxs – in every way under el sol.

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